Tuesday, 17 November 2009

When you don't know, He does

Well, it's been a long time...My blog is blocked in China by her Great Firewall and so I've not been able to post. But I'm back in the UK for a spell and so can now think about posting something. I wish I were here for different reasons but the truth is that my marriage to my Chinese wife is excruciatingly painful to the point that for my own self-preservation I had to pack a bag and leave her for a season. Culture gaps too wide to bridge, language gaps, disparate universes. A bleak time of pain and wondering where is God in all of this. Anyway, having arrived on the Wednesday of last week when Saturday came round I started to think of where to worship and to my great delight - it had been a long time too since I had received any direct transmissions - the Holy Spirit prompted me to go to John St. I had to look it up in the London A-Z, but duly found it and trotted off expectantly on Sunday morning. As I was coming round the corner onto John Street the Spirit told me to get my camera ready so I did. I was fully expecting to find a church of some kind, instead I found the plaque pictured in the photo I took of it above. Sir John Kirk, Christian philanthropist, the children's friend. This is deeply significant to me, since I was abandoned as a child and adopted through a Christian children's agency. Plus, this year I had committed to giving more. So I was encouraged and deeply touched by this little display of my Father's omnipotence. Although I may be feeling utterly bereft and powerless to overcome my current challenges, he knows all about it and somehow just him knowing is enough for me to be able to trust that he is fully involved in the process. So I'm renewed with hope and strength and will trust Jesus to bring some good out of this and to make all things new. Bless His Holy name. What about you reader? Are you facing some difficulties which you know you cannot cope with? "Come unto me all who heavy burdened and I will give you rest" is the promise, not of a mere man whose word is unreliable but of the Living God who is full of faithfulness and loving-kindness. Will you trust him today to bring you through the storm you face? I pray that you will.

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  1. Hey David was great to meet you on Thursday, hope your well. Maybe if your around next Thursday I'll see you then. I'll explore your blog a bit aswell!